Historic Waterproofing & Restoration was hired initially to clean a multitude of efflorescence stains inside CK Power’s new Lenexa location and to diagnose possible imperfections that were causing moisture related problems inside.

The most obvious areas in need of repair were the expansion joints located throughout the property. Expansion joints are continuous joints that are intentionally left free of mortar or concrete and caulked to remain water-tight. The idea behind this is that a building is going to expand and contract based on the temperature and if you don’t account for this expansion and contraction by creating expansion or control joints, the pressure created will eventually damage the masonry units and/or mortar. Sealants such as caulk are designed to expand and contract and provide the perfect transition material between two building sections. Over time, caulk deteriorates and allows for water penetration.

Historic Waterproofing was contracted to recaulk all control joints, window and vent perimeters, and to further repel moisture issues, pressure wash and apply waterproofing to the entire structure.